About Me

I am a college student currently pursuing Bachelors in Computer Science.

I love to do programming and it’s become an integral part of my life. Other than this I love to design things, and I don’t mean cars but something at little less robust.

I love to play video games in free time and probably that’s all the wasteful information there is about me.

Currently, I make tutorials and have fun playing with different tools to learn more and more about programming and game development.

As for my age I am roughly 17.5 years old.
I was born in 21st Century, Month November. And, I live in India. In the state of Uttar Pradesh(meaning State-Of-The-North literally) to be precise.

The Steincodes community(me) is dedicated to helping others learn to use FOSS(Free And Open-Source Softwares) to create things from Artistic to Coded Programs. Thus helping the tools grow.