Godot Development Update June 2018

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This is a continuation to the Godot Development Update series, I will also be including some active proposal/discussion links that will allow you all to share your ideas. Although this depends on when you are reading this post.

I will make a video as soon as some more features get merged.

Typed GDScript

Finally Typed GDScript has a PR, it’s a little old now. But I have tested the repo myself, builds and runs fine some problems here and there but it’s WIP so it’s expected.

Godot PR Link: Typed GDScript , this a huge dicussion but the main idea is Typed GDScript is on it’s way.

Reduz has completed work on AnimationPlayer and new AnimationGraph Node

AnimationGraph is the new version of the redundant AnimationTreePlayer. It has features like Blends and better UI/UX to help improve the workflow it’s really awesome.

And AnimationPlayer has all the changes that you might or might not have imagined and it’s all awesome.

Tweets by reduz on the topic



Godot Jam 2018 - June

Godot had a huge Game Jam this year if you weren’t a part of it don’t worry it will happen again in few months.

Go ahead and start rating games on itch.io page of the Jam now. We have 111 entries all awesome stuff. Jam Link on itch.io

Also go ahead and checkout my game and rate it, My Game: Tempors , as a heads up you should remember that Chrome doesn’t work properly with Godot games. So use FireFox instead.

Nvidia Flex Update by Andrea Catania

I think the tweet says enough here.

Problems with preventing “engine bloat” and the AssetLibrary

This discussion is active and you all should quickly go there and check out the new features and changes being proposed. Probably also mention some ideas, although make sure to read other answers before replying so as to not create duplicates, and remember the netiquttes.

Summary Of the Discussions

The discussion is about whether we should remove some features and make Godot more compact or should we consider bloating up the engine a little. The problem here lies in the views not in the approach so if you want to add something read a bit more first.

Issue Link: Engine Bloat Discussion , I think a little bloat doesn’t matter but I am not the expert here.

My Tileset creation process improvement suggestion –Active

In this proposal by yours-truly I point out how easy it will be to add some easier-tileset generation System. This one hasn’t been discussed much but I am working on it in my free time, I have been suggested some separate ideas so will be a while before I make anything public on my work.

Godot Issue Link: Tileset creation process improvement , The Discussion is still on-going.


So this sums up the list and I will update this post until the end of June 2018, so you can follow it until then.

Godot is really a wonderful engine and I hope you all like the way it’s developing if you have some feedback for the engine or this site/post put them in the comments section. I will try to address them.